PADUCAH, KENTUCKY- Shelbie Bryant wasn’t certain if her son had autism but sought out a professional opinion to be sure. She spent 6 months searching for an in-person evaluation, but no appointments were available in her area. Shelbie finally found hope when she learned about a company called As You Are, which dramatically increases access to early autism diagnostic services through the use of exclusively telehealth appointments. She was able to get an appointment right away.

“Easy to work with and overall knowledgeable. Friendly staff. Flexible scheduling,” she said. “It was so convenient that it happened to be virtual.”

After months of unanswered questions, Shelbie finally received an answer. The As You Are physician determined that her 3-year-old son, Brandon, did not have autism. 

“I’m so glad I found you guys. He didn’t have autism, but it did shed light on different things going on with him… I figured something out instead of going through all of that for nothing,” she said.

The care journey didn’t stop there. Shelbie was connected with a dedicated As You Are Care Sidekick who gave her a list of resources and specialists in her area based on the doctors recommendations and referrals. 

“I was excited to find a team of providers who actually care,” she said. “I’m really glad to be able to get plugged in. There were a couple of play therapy and occupational therapy options that I didn’t know existed in town. Now I have resources that I wouldn’t have known about without a Care Sidekick.”

Do you have questions about your child’s development? The team at As You Are provides diagnostic evaluations for kids 16 months to 10 years old via telehealth appointments along with useful resources, including an online autism screening. Learn more at

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