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How It Works

Is a virtual autism evaluation the right decision for my family?

Your child’s brain is primed for learning early in life, making an early diagnosis crucial. Yet, the amount of time it takes to get a diagnosis can be long and the pandemic has only made the wait even greater.

It can take months to years to get a diagnosis, but our physicians can get your family answers within weeks.

Our physicians are specially trained to conduct evaluations for autism virtually using an evidence-based approach and assessments. Our evaluation process can be completed in just three individual virtual video appointments, including a clinical interview (discussion with the physician), standardized behavioral observation and results visit – all from the comfort of your home, keeping you and your child in a familiar environment. *Depending on the needs of the child, additional appointments may be required. 

Getting started with scheduling
your child’s autism evaluation with
As You Are is simple.

We’ll guide you through every step.

How it Works

1. Decide you are ready for a virtual appointment

If you are ready to schedule an appointment with a physician, you can go directly to our scheduling process.


2. Provide health information

Scheduling a virtual evaluation is just like scheduling a visit with any doctor, and it only takes about 10-15 minutes to get on our physicians schedules. You’ll be asked to complete your child’s health information, medical history, and provide your insurance and/or method of payment.

Our team is here to help! As a part of our process, we will review your child’s insurance benefits and the potential out of pocket patient responsibility with the parent or guardian before the first visit with a physician.

Click here to find out more information on billing and payment options.

3. Get your virtual visits scheduled

Once the above step is completed, you will be prompted to choose a date and time for your first virtual appointment. Once you select your appointment date and time, you will receive confirmation that your appointment is on hold subject completion of your paperwork. We will make multiple attempts to remind you or assist with this process!

If your paperwork hasn’t been completed prior to your appointment time, we may need to reschedule your appointment to ensure we are able to provide the appropriate care and best As You Are experience.

The As You Are Autism Evaluation Process consists of three separate appointments.

  • Initial Appointment: Clinical interview with the physician and caregiver(s)
  • Observation Appointment: Standardized behavioral observation of the child in a quiet, indoor location with limited distractions. During this appointment, you will need to have the recommended items and toys available (refer to the Preparation Checklist below for details).
  • Results Appointment: The physician will discuss the results and recommendations with the caregiver(s).
    *Your child will need to be present for the second (observation) appointment, but they are not required to attend the first or third appointment. Depending on the needs of the child, additional appointments may be required. 

Once you’ve scheduled your appointment, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your appointment details and instructions on how to join when it’s time. Our team will help you schedule your remaining appointments after your first appointment with your dedicated physician.

If you have any questions our team is happy to help!


4. Prep for your first virtual visit

First things first – please make sure you have completed and submitted all of your paperwork prior to your appointment. Forget where they are? Double check your email. The forms will come from “As You Are.”

You will also receive an email or text (must opt-in on the paperwork) one day prior to your appointment with your appointment link and detailed instructions on everything from how to set up the room to what toys you will need during your observation appointment. Read through the information carefully to help ensure a great experience for both you and your child.

Click “Get Started” and answer
a few questions
Schedule formal evaluation
Initial Appointment
Caregiver(s) meet physician and complete clinical interview
Observation Appointment
Activities part of a behavioral observation of the child in a quite, comfortable, indoor location free of distractions.
Results Appointment
Evaluation results with caregiver(s)
Care Sidekick™ and family work on next steps together

Check out this video to help you and your child prepare for your virtual appointment.

Use the checklist below to help along the way.

Preparation Checklist

  • Device with video and audio capabilities – tablet, laptop, or desktop is recommended.
  • Items around your home to have available during your second (observation) virtual appointment:
    • A few toys you’ve already got on hand, like a ball, toy cars, baby doll, stuffed animals, puzzles, bubbles, etc. *These will be needed for your second (observation) appointment.
    • Something your child needs your help to open. For example, a cookie jar, bubble jar, plastic container – something your child cannot open on their own. *These will be needed for your second (observation) appointment.
  • Choose a quiet, secluded, enclosed location with limited distractions (e.g, TV, fun siblings) and ensure your camera isn’t directly facing a window.

5. Get Seen

It’s time for your appointments! Your child will have three individual virtual appointments with the physician. Our team is here for you along this journey.

When you receive your results, whether it is autism or not, your dedicated physician will walk you through everything you need to know. You’ll also walk through next steps for you and your child as well as get connected with any supplemental resources – all on your third virtual visit.

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We Accept

AetnaBlue Cross Blue ShieldMedicaidTRICAREUnited Healthcare

Don’t see your health insurance provider listed? Don’t get discouraged! We work with commercial insurance plans, TRICARE, traditional state Medicaid plans and managed care partners. We are constantly expanding our relationships as we grow. And, as a part of our process, our support team will review a child’s insurance benefits with their parent or guardian before the first appointment. To get started families can submit this form or contact our support team at 866.219.8595Participation may vary by state and each child’s health insurance benefits.

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