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We’re glad you are here – you’ve taken an important step to get here!

It’s okay to question whether your child is developmentally progressing in-line with key developmental milestones. Remember, these are just markers, and every child is unique. We’re here to help you and your family navigate!

Appointments available now! We see kids 16 months-10 years old. We accept insurance, including Medicaid and TRICARE East. Referrals are welcome, but not required. See your dedicated Board Certified Pediatrician every time. We use telehealth appointments. Every family has a dedicated Care Sidekick who will help ensure your family gets access to the appropriate care and resources in your area after you receive a diagnosis.



Scheduling a virtual evaluation appointment is just like scheduling a visit with any doctor, and the best part is that the entire process can be done from the comfort of your home!

Scheduling should be completed by the child’s parent or guardian. Similar to a physician’s office, we’re going to ask you for answers to a handful of questions that will be provided to your child’s dedicated physician. This helps us understand your child’s likelihood of autism and will help your designated physician learn more about your child ahead of the first virtual appointment.

Like any first-time medical appointment, you will be asked for your preferred method of payment (either process through insurance or self pay). Then, it’s time for you to select your appointment! You will have the flexibility to select dates and times that work best for you and your family. A friendly reminder that all appointment times are noted in Eastern Time (EST).

Please understand that we will hold your child’s requested appointment date and time for 48hrs.

Your child’s appointment will be confirmed after you complete all the necessary paperwork, including:

  • Child’s Health Information
  • Guardian Information
  • Preferred method of payment
  • Contact information
  • Consent forms

Our team will reach out with a friendly reminder email to encourage you to finish your scheduling process on time, including filling out the required paperwork (noted above). As a reminder, if you aren’t able to complete the paperwork within 48 hours of selecting your appointment time, we may need to postpone your appointment.

We recommend you complete the necessary paperwork immediately after you schedule your appointment. We understand life gets busy, so if you need to pause we will send you a secure link to continue completing the paperwork when it’s convenient.

Based on your preferred method of payment we will contact you within 2 business days to provide you with an estimate of the total service costs.

There is no cost to complete the scheduling process.

Questions about the process?

Before taking the questionnaire, learn what to expect.

For questions about services or billing, take a quick look at our FAQ.

Please make sure to call us if you have additional questions.