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‘I was worried he would fall through the cracks’ Military family desperate to get son evaluated for autism, gets answers via telehealth

Washington, DC– A Military family desperate to get son evaluated for autism. When trying to schedule an autism evaluation for Kathryn Weaver’s son, doctors told her that every clinic in the area was backed up and it was really a “wait and see game.” Kathryn knew time was precious, and every month that went by was a month her son George could be in therapy. But first, he would need an official medical diagnosis. 

“We’re a military family, and we were living overseas. We moved back to America in July and started looking into getting our son evaluated because we saw signs for a while. We got put on the books for a meeting with a developmental pediatrician. That was in July of this year, and they didn’t have availability until 2024. I was pretty put down by that, and I thought we were starting at square one again,” she said.

Kathryn started doing research about evaluations and Googled the words “short waitlists for autism evaluations” and found As You Are, a virtual clinic with no waitlist. To give her peace of mind, Kathryn did some extra due diligence before scheduling an appointment for her 2-year-old son.

“I reached out to different families who had used As You Are for a diagnosis and heard nothing but good reviews. It came highly recommended,” she said.

She scheduled an appointment on and was so taken aback by how straightforward the entire process was it seemed like a fluke. 

“I was very shocked and thought I was doing something wrong because of how easy it was. I expected it was going to be a crazy amount of back and forth to handle insurance and thought it was going to take a couple of weeks for it to go through. I was mind-blown at how fast everything moved. It was within the next day, an email came back with the benefits investigation. That was my biggest takeaway: everything moved so fast,” she said.

After scheduling an appointment online, George met virtually with his As You Are physician for the evaluation and was diagnosed with autism in just a matter of weeks. Kathryn was also impressed with the communication between As You Are and her son’s primary care pediatrician. 

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without the resources that came from the diagnosis with As You Are. I was worried he would fall through the cracks. But now with all the referrals he has, he will have so much more chance at reaching his full potential. I’m just grateful for that,” she said.

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