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Mother’s Instinct: Indiana Mom Recognizes Early Signs of Autism in Toddler

Indianapolis, Indiana–  When Dalynn Brewster’s son was 1.5 years old, she noticed a few behaviors that didn’t seem typical. Her little guy, Braylon, struggled with sleep, had outbursts, and seemed to really dislike certain textures of clothing. Dalynn also couldn’t help but compare her 8 month old daughter’s progress to that of her son.

She said, “I have noticed my daughter hit milestones earlier than he did when he was her age. He was more behind developmentally.” 

Dalynn started to do some online research on her son’s behaviors and learned that getting an autism diagnosis early in life could lead to better outcomes. While she was searching for places to get her son evaluated for autism, she found a virtual clinic called As You Are, which can see children as young as 16 months old.    

“I’ve been so close with my son. I’m a stay at home mom and I see the behaviors, different ways he acts and I knew I had to get him evaluated,” she said. “The As You Are doctor listened to me really well. She was able to explain things to me and make me understand what was going on and what to do next.”

Braylon was diagnosed with autism through As You Are after three virtual appointments with a physician, and is now making progress in ABA therapy in her community.

“He is in ABA and is doing absolutely amazing. He doesn’t even want to come home because he’s having so much fun. He’s doing so much better. I am thankful for As You Are, for helping me understand autism and helping me know what to do.”

She encourages other parents that have a concern to take that crucial step to seek an evaluation.

She said, “I was very nervous about the outcome but now that I have the answers, it’s helped me clear my mind.”

Learn more about As You Are’s virtual autism evaluations. Check out more family stories here.

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