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For Providers

Our physicians love what they do. They are trained in a research-backed methodology to diagnose children who may have autism. Our remote evaluations, tailored during the pandemic, span three telehealth sessions, ensuring each child receives personalized attention. Partner with us to provide the best care for your patients.

Our clinicians undergo comprehensive training to assess and diagnose children for autism using assessments developed  by leading experts in the field. Aligned with current best practices, our evaluation process unfolds across three separate telehealth video sessions. These sessions encompass a clinical interview, a standardized behavioral observation, utilizing tools such as the CARS-2(obs) and TELE-ASD-PEDS (TAP), and a feedback session with the primary caregiver . By blending the effectiveness of our evidence-based virtual platform with the expertise among our physicians, we ensure that each patient receives the personalized attention needed. After the results visit, families have the option to follow up with a Care Sidekick to help them get set up with appropriate resources and service providers in their geographic area. 

Our team of As You Are board-certified pediatricians undergo three weeks of training that involves both asynchronous content, 1:1 mentorship, and clinical supervision. As You Are’s training paradigm was developed in collaboration with our clinical advisory board members. 

Before our physicians begin seeing patients, they must pass fidelity and reliability testing across several recorded cases.  Once they begin seeing patients, clinical oversight is continued, with supervision from both Developmental and Behavioral Pediatricians and  Child Psychologists.

We closely track the diagnosis rates of all our physicians with an eye towards preventing over/under-diagnosis. We also use a machine learning tool that provides our physicians with a probability score based on the results of our questionnaires and behavioral observation measures.

Consultation among our physicians occurs internally for complex cases or these cases are reviewed with our clinical oversight team of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatricians and Psychologists to ensure accurate diagnoses and recommendations.

In addition to case reviews, As You Are conducts a weekly continuing medical education conference every Tuesday, where physicians learn from external speakers. 

We use a screening tool (MCHAT or ASDQ), a DSM-5 interview, and a standardized observation tool (TELE-ASD-PEDS or CARS-2obs) for our patients, along with several other questionnaires that can be administered by physicians as needed. These standardized questionnaires help our physicians assess for other symptoms beyond the core symptoms of autism, such as  fine motor delay, anxiety, ADHD, mood dysregulation, oppositional defiant behavior, adaptive behaviors, and sleep. 

At As You Are, we firmly believe that collaboration is the key to improving the lives of children with autism. Our approach to care isn’t just based on research; it thrives on it.

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving our practices, we invite patients to join our IRB-approved research studies. Since our journey began, thousands of families have consented to be part of our IRB-approved studies.

This diverse national cohort of children, aged 16 months to 10 years, offers a wealth of information for academic researchers across the country to explore vital questions about autism, developmental pediatrics, and child psychiatry in depth.

Dr. Tracy Burton at the podium presenting to other pediatricians at PAS

As You Are presents at PAS in Toronto

Assistant Medical Director, Dr. Tracy Burton, traveled to Toronto, Canada to represent As You Are and the annual Pediatric Academic Society conference. In addition to her presentation, she hosted a poster sharing information about the reduction in wait times for an ASD evaluation due to evaluations by general pediatricians.

Dr. Steve Hicks on stage at ATA with other experts in a panel discussion about telehealth in the autism space.

As You Are at ATA

Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Steve Hicks, joined experts in a panel discussion at the American Telemedicine Association annual conference in Phoenix, Arizona. The panel focused on the issues with a lack of diagnostic resources and how a virtual solution, like As You Are, can help solve an access issue for children nationwide.

As You Are

Insurance Coverage

We accept commercial insurance plans, TRICARE, traditional state Medicaid plans and managed care partners. We are constantly expanding our relationships as we grow.

Before the first appointment, every parent who schedules their first visit with As You Are will receive a benefits investigation detailing the estimated charge amounts for each visit based on in-network and our-of network benefits. Actual out-of-pocket responsibility is based on services rendered.  

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Referring Patients

We understand that every child has a medical home, and many service providers may identify children in need of diagnostic evaluation. Whether you’re in the medical, behavioral, language, or educational field, we welcome you to refer a child who could benefit from our services.

We’ve streamlined the referral process to make it as easy as possible for families, especially those who prefer using their mobile devices.



We encourage you to take advantage of our unique code program to help tie your patients to your practice for seamless reporting and follow up. 

Still have questions?

If you’re a provider and have additional questions about our clinical practices or how to refer your patients, get in touch below. Or, if you’d like to schedule an introductory meeting so you or your team can learn more, just click Schedule Now below.

We Accept

AetnaBlue Cross Blue ShieldMedicaidTRICAREUnited Healthcare

Don’t see your health insurance provider listed? Don’t get discouraged! We work with commercial insurance plans, TRICARE, traditional state Medicaid plans and managed care partners. We are constantly expanding our relationships as we grow. And, as a part of our process, our support team will review a child’s insurance benefits with their parent or guardian before the first appointment. To get started families can submit this form or contact our support team at 866.219.8595Participation may vary by state and each child’s health insurance benefits.

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