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Virtual Autism Evaluations for Kids.

Are you struggling to get your child evaluated for autism?

As You Are is a team of pediatricians who specialize in guiding families along their autism journey.

We equip parents with the knowledge they need to help their children flourish.

Our virtual clinic is here to help.




We Think Your Child is Awesome.

It’s why we built a virtual clinic focused on diagnosing autism spectrum disorder. Together we’ll get to a diagnosis, make a plan you feel great about, and coordinate ongoing care.

Bring your whole self. Bring your family. Just as you are.


Meet Our Pediatricians

With As You Are, you’ll meet with a dedicated pediatrician right from the start, helping you get seen and have a diagnosis sooner. We know that early diagnosis is crucial to helping your child thrive in their development.

Our pediatricians are specifically trained to diagnose neurodevelopmental conditions, including autism, and work with your family to create an evidence-based care plan.


Meet the doctors

Compassionate Guidance, From Your Home

Our clinic is virtual, so you can meet with our pediatricians from the comfort of your home. No stressful office visits. Be yourself in a place you feel safe and familiar.

The Diagnosis Your Child Needs, Early

Early diagnosis is crucial. Our platform gets your family an appointment fast. Reduce the time-to-diagnosis so your child can start building new skills.

Tell us more about your family, history, and unique needs.
Tell us more about your family, history, and unique needs.
Meet our pediatricians
Meet our pediatricians
We’ll design and review your unique care coordination plan and what comes next
We’ll design and review your unique care coordination plan and what comes next
Ongoing support begins: referrals, resources, and more
Ongoing support begins: referrals, resources, and more

Care Plans as Unique as Your Child

No path to care is alike. We work hard to map tailored care to your child’s unique needs, challenges, and strengths.

Families in our program also receive intimate support from our Care Sidekicks, for as long as you need.

Learn how our virtual clinic works.


How it works

Your Partner for a Diagnosis

Our approach automates the evaluation process which helps us provide a more accurate and timely diagnosis. This allows our pediatricians to spend more quality time with your family and allows outside specialists to focus on difficult and complex cases.

Our Clinical Advisory Board plays an important part in how we’ve designed As You Are. This partnership allows us to ensure we are considering all the options, perspectives, possibilities and outcomes that could affect the services we provide to our families.


Meet the team

Start Small. Build big.

We know the process can be long and frustrating. That’s why As You Are is here – to help you navigate every step of the way and give you and your child valuable time back. Our process only takes a few minutes to get started.

You can get started with our brief online questionnaire to learn more about your child. Here’s a peek into what our process looks like from start to finish.


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