Kayla Wagner, CEO of As You Are, said early intervention services like speech and occupational therapy can only begin after a diagnosis is provided.

“The earlier a diagnosis, the earlier a child can benefit from intervention services to change the trajectory of their lives,” Wagner said. “This is demonstrated by scientific research suggesting that the earlier intervention starts, the better a child’s functional outcomes are.”

Every day that goes by that a child does not have a diagnosis means that they did not start interventions that help them. There are many resources and service providers for children with autism in the community to help them thrive, but children need a diagnosis before they can get started.

Wagner said intervention services are also far more effective when started early, and they help parents receive more support and gain a better understanding of their child.

While it may be difficult to travel to the doctor, there are telehealth options for autism diagnosis, which help keeps the child comfortable in their natural environment. To find out more information about telehealth options and booking an appointment, you can visit As You Are’s website.