Our mission is to establish a world-class
virtual clinic that dramatically increases access
to early autism diagnostic services.

Our vision is of a world where every family has the tools they need to help their children flourish.

Your Child is Awesome
Your Child is Awesome
True Expertise
True Expertise
Compassionate Support
Compassionate Support
For The Community
For The Community

Our Values

As You Are is a team of physicians who specialize in guiding families along their neurodevelopmental journey. We equip parents with the knowledge they need to help their children flourish.

Few things are as crucial as early and accurate diagnosis for children with autism because it unlocks therapeutic options at a time when they are most effective. Our platform gets families an appointment fast, reducing the time-to-an answer so your child can start building new skills.

At the core of the As You Are experience are our physicians, who are specially trained to diagnose autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. We also work collaboratively with your family to create an individualized care plan that you feel great about. Best of all, appointments are entirely virtual so your child doesn’t have to leave the comfort of their own home to go to a doctor’s office.

As a part of the autism journey, families in our program can receive intimate support from a Care Sidekick™ to help them navigate accessing services after a diagnosis. We understand the many pathways available and work with families to help make sure they get what they need, when they need it. *Care Coordination resources may vary by state and based on the child’s health insurance plan.

As a company, we are deeply committed to maximizing every young person’s unique gifts. We have seen over and over again how children with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders can not only live in the same world as the rest of us, but change it for the better. We bring that perspective to our practice every day.

Meet Our CEO!

Kayla Wagner

Chief Executive Officer

Kayla Wagner is the CEO of As You Are, a world-class virtual clinic that dramatically increases access to virtual evaluations for children suspected to have autism. Kayla, a clinician and researcher, has dedicated her career to creating healthcare solutions that remove barriers and deliberately increase early identification of childhood disorders by increasing access to high quality care for all children, regardless of resources or socioeconomic status. During the pandemic, Kayla saw there was a huge need to reduce the average wait time for an autism diagnosis in the United States. In August 2022, she launched As You Are, which is available to anyone, anywhere. All children are welcome and every child’s individual abilities are recognized and valued as part of this diagnostic model.

Meet Our Leadership Team!

Thomas W. Frazier II, PhD

Chief Science Officer

Steven Hicks, MD PhD

Chief Medical Officer

Art Schoen

Chief Operating Officer

Samantha Sallade, PhD

Director of Care Coordination

Our Physicians

Our physicians are specifically trained to diagnose neurodevelopmental disorders, including ASD, and work with your family to create an evidence-based care plan.
Meet the physicians

Our Advisors

As You Are collaborates with an extensive and tenured Clinical Advisory Board of experts and advocates from across the nation to ensure our families and patients have access to the resources they need.

Kristin Sohl, MD FAAP

Diana L. Robins, PhD

Daniel L. Coury, MD

Donna Murray, PhD, CCC-SLP

Antonio Hardan, MD

David Traver, MD

Megan Gore

Parent Advocate

Felice McClendon

Parent Advocate