Dr. Michael O’Halleran


Board Certifications: American Board of Pediatrics
Residency: Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital

Q: What is your connection to our mission?

A: I’ve been volunteering with children with special needs since High School, initially at an equine hippotherapy facility and later as a social skills mentor. As a Pediatrician, I know the importance and have witnessed countless times the impact that early diagnosis and intervention has on young, developing children. I am privileged to be able to assist patients and their families in their diagnosis journey at As You Are.

Q: Why do you love helping children?

A: Children are our future and I love that I get to use my knowledge and skill set to help them stay healthy and live long and fulfilling lives.

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: I love being outdoors – hiking, kayaking, biking, running, stand-up paddleboarding and rock climbing – to name a few!

Q: What (or who) inspires you?

A: My patients inspire me, they are constantly keeping me humble and teaching me how to be a better person and physician.

Q: Tell us about your family. Any children? What about pets?

A: My parents and sisters live in New York, where I was born and raised. I also have a 5-year-old German Shepherd named Cody who keeps me busy on my days off!